J—The Beginning
Beginning a new career is exciting but it is also hard, you know. It takes several years to become a good designer and to improve your skills and techniques. Sometimes you make it not really cool but also there are many highlights that make you proud of. And you always show them, even if some of them look silly or outmoded.

The Box Flyer Face 
Thanks to Katerina Andonov, I had the chance to make this flyer for the Helsinki’s Rose Garden night club. It’s for the Saturday’s party series The Box in 2005. It was fun.

New Years Eve 2006 Flyer Back 
This is the next flyer of the Helsinki’s Rose Garden night club for the New Year’s party. I don’t remember what really happened and why I decided to stop to work with them, but for sure I never got paid for their flyers. That happens.

Ohranata.com Brochure (Inside) 
As I told you, I think this is the best brochure I've ever done and here you can see how it looks on the inside.

Ohranata.com Brochure 
I think that is the best brochure I've ever done and you see how it looks outside. It was for the promotion of a web store for protection and security products. I like it when your boss trusts you and doesn't tell you want to do.

Toys Revenge Poster 
I hope you know about Urban Collective project. I was involved and I did a lot of designs for many issues in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Here is the poster of the month for Toys Revenge issue in 2004. It was my first recognition as a designer and I was so proud of.

Viva Sound Factory w/ Alex Neri Poster 
One of the best experiences as a designer for me is to work with Metropolis Music, Bulgaria. As one of the biggest music promoters, they gave me chance to work on few posters of their Sound Factory event series. Here is my favorite poster of these parties.

Viva Sound Factory w/ Omid 16B & Ro 
Another Sound Factory party, another great summer poster I have done. Isn’t it?

Manifesto w/ Marco Bailey Poster 
Teamed with Chervilo club, Metropolis Music was making some parties called Manifesto. The techno legend Marco Bailey was one of their regular guests.

Dosio Regular Font 
„Dosio“, Latin display font, is a personal project of a single-square lcd typeface, including only letters (some with more then one version) and numbers. It‘s freeware, simple and unique, designed by Dosio Dosev in 2002. All rights reserved. /If you want to get a free copy of it (in TTF format), just send me a message to info@jasab.net.

BG Business presents Philip Kotler  
Here you can see my best design for a website I have done. I think it is the best and looks perfect. Sometimes the client is too afraid to put it online, thinking that prefer to have a regular one, almost like the others pathetic websites. It is a petty.

911.bg The ReDesign 
Redesigning the website of the internet shop of 911.bg, that was my hardest challange so far. It is quite a responsibility to make a design for a website with more 100’000 unique visits every day. So I made it brilliant for a website in 2005.

ClubEvents.info Website 
Whatever I say about ClubEvents.info it won't be enough. No doubt this is my favorite project that I am part of and I am doing the best i can.

BGBusiness.com ReDesign 
No comments. Note that this proposal still looks new and upcoming, I mean the minimal can make timeless design for a website. Don’t you thing so?