KEA—Asta Studio Corporate Identity
Here's the brand, identity standards of Group 7—Asta studio (school project in 2nd semester), e-Concept Development, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.
"As many signals try to attract attention of people, it is crucial to form one clearly differentiated appearance by all communication measures used to strengthen the brand image. In this regard, Asta’s team create an independent image which integrates unique elements of the new brand appearance." > Read more, and look at the PDF presentation of Asta Studio Corporate Identity.
p.s. Special thanks to Mirja Davidovska, Marc Dahl, and the rest of the team, who cooperated, gave each other ideas and inspiration.

Asta (Corporate symbol) 
Final monochrome positive output

Company name inspiration 
Slide 2

Corporate symbol inspiration  
Slide 6

7 Colors > Back to basics—8-bit color depth /minus red 
Slide 9

Illustration of Asta symbol in visual environment